Today is the Day

Today is the day. Today is the day I start something I have been dreaming of. Today is the day I start my own business.

This is the very thought that I and so many countless others have had on the morning they opened their first business, a feat only a certain type of person ever attempts. It’s daunting and terrifying yet quite honestly the most liberating and exciting thing I could ever imagine.

My passion in life has always been the small hard working entrepreneur; that person that takes the ultimate risk by leaving a secure job to try something completely on their own; the mom and pop shop that took their passion and turned it into a business. These are the people that inspire me, that make me feel that I too can try and take that leap.

The reality is that big business and over seas competition has been threatening the average American entrepreneur for years now and it’s only getting harder. This is the time we need to come together as a community and support our local small businesses. Yes we all love a bargain, myself included, however cutting out the local shopping completely is exactly what’s hurting our economy. Likewise, small business need to come in to the common era and learn to compete in todays marketplace.

Whether you recognize it or not, this is an exciting time in the world! The technology and connectivity that is available to us today is astonishing and people that learn to harness these tools can use it to take them further than ever dreamt before. Between social media, online advertising, Google Adwords, and the often forgotten traditional gorilla marketing, the countless avenues for a small business to market in can be vast and exciting, but also intimidating to say the least.

This is where I want to help all those people that inspire me on a daily basis. People generally start a business to do something they are truly passionate about. So what I say is, let them have that! Let them do what they love on a daily basis. The key is for them to find people to help do the countless other tasks that are vitally important to running their business but that they simply don’t want to do themselves.

This is my niche. This is where I want to be. In the thick of it. I want to help people realize the potential of their dream. Help them present their business in person and online in a way that they can only see in their minds. Let’s come together and make the vaguely imagined into true reality.


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